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Transactions on the conclusion of a bet (purchase and/or sale of options):
  • ● will pass instantly, as well as when trading cryptocurrencies
  • ● the complete history of transactions for the whole period of the trading account life will be available
  • ● if you wish you can share with any participant your positive result and Statement)) Why not? :)

Unsere Vorteile
The number of accounts is unlimited You can open as many accounts as you have electronic wallet. And trade on each of them. The system can not affect your limits.

You trade with any balance available to you.
Your premiums are guaranteed by: The rules "wired up" into a smart contract and they can not change during the lifetime of the platform; security of the block system;​ deposit and withdrawal of money on the principle of trading cryptocurrencies.
Trade You can speculate, arbitrate, or hedge bets from bookmakers all the time until official announcement of the results; the market odds of winning will be more attractive; and they can change at any moment.
Trading automation You can write a tracking and/or full-fledged trading program that will automatically execute transactions within the platform; the platform interface will allow you to see your tradable probability of an event and the amount of inversion.
You are completely anonymous. No registration. Enjoy your freedom!

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Trading platform

Choose a ratio and BUY an option.

If your candidate wins you will get your money multiplied by a ratio

Choose a ratio and SELL an option.

If your candidate loses you will receive the amount paid by the buyer.

The platform records all your actions in the blockchain

The platform automatically carries out clearing and distributes coins between the participants

Smart contract </>
Our team

Dmitry Shikhalev

CEO & Founder

Alexey Tarabanov

Head of the Department of Analytics and Finance.

Igor Titov

Head of development and technical implementation of the project

Katya Kuznetzova

The designer works now!

Iliy Komar

Web application, programming front-end. The developer of the platform.

Maxim Krochalev

The programmer of the whole platform. It depends on the functionality of the platform!

Andrey Naumov

Web designer.

Ilya Vorchuk

Web designer, developer.

Alexey Ivanov

Public Relations Chief.

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ICO successfully completed