White paper

Our experience in trading margin options on financial markets, as well as active use of barrier options on the foreign exchange markets, allows us to develop a trading platform based on blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

This platform will have its own payment system, which will allow players to purchase and sell options using the DCA token.

By doing so, players will be able, through the purchase of an option, to place bets and accept bets by selling the option, at Sporting and Financial events. The launch of the trading platform is scheduled for the end of the fourth quarter of 2018. and judging by the feedback from players our service will attract both gamblers and prudent traders.

Fund raising and emission of DCA tokens will help to Finance the marketing and advertising of the trading platform, DCA Tokens will be used for internal settlements between the participants of the trading platform in order to guarantee the payment of winnings at the expense of the participant who has committed to pay it.

Tokens DCA will provide an opportunity to use a smart contract to develop a decentralized market rates and to give players the opportunity to traders to use all the features on the market to speculate on interest rates, through the purchase and sell options, engage in arbitrage with bookmakers, to hedge bets, to hedge open positions on the cryptocurrency exchanges, including trading in vanilla options.

Bet market

Analyzing bet market, we came to the conclusion that there are serious prospects for its development. It is enough to say that past year total annual turnover of bookmakers, controlling the bet market only for sports events, is more than 550 billion dollars. And the total profit of the bookmakers is 50 billion dollars annually. Thus, the profitability of bookmakers reaches 10 percent on average. There are not many other spheres of activity in which profitability of investments is similar or exceeds indicators of bookmakers.

A particular segment of the market is gaining popularity – bets for e-sports. Cybersport is a very young and fast-developing sport. Despite its short history, e-sports quickly found fans around the world. E-sports is best developed in Korea, and it is very popular in America and Europe. E-sports began to develop very rapidly in China, despite the fact that it appeared there quite recently. Already many bookmakers have begun to take bets on battles in cybersports. And it should be said that this niche is practically not occupied.

The doBETacceptBET cryptographic platform will fit organically into this rapidly developing market. At the same time while studying the practice of bookmakers it became clear that their activities are excessively bureaucratized and subject to very rigid and often archaic legislative restrictions that make the development of the market of bookmaker’s services practically impossible. Bookmakers in their current form are objectively incapable to develop and diversify their services. They work in the old-fashioned way and do not introduce modern digital technologies. The maximum achievement of recent years is the creation of sites and acceptance of bets online.

Of the recent examples:
"The largest pub network in the UK, Green King sued UKGC after refusal to obtain a bingo license. Company was denied under the reason that the Green King business model did not meet the requirements of the licensing body, as “Gambling Insider” reported.

"We welcome the decision of the court, which explains the powers of the Commission. In our opinion, bets, bingo and other types of gambling should only be provided in separate rooms licensed for this particular purpose. It should be the premises in which people go for a specific purpose: to gamble” said UKGC representative Helen Venn."

Among other things the rigid framework of bookmaking often leads to abuse by bookmakers.

In particular, bidders are increasingly faced with unjustified bookmakers' refusals from payments due, including even under the pretext of a "suspiciously high" player’s bonus. The introduction of revolutionary new technologies into the bookmaker's business of blockchain and crypto currency will help to bring the bet market to a fundamentally new level of development and profitability.

Over the past year, the capitalization of the crypto industry has grown tenfold, from $ 40 billion to $ 400 billion. This suggests that the number of traders increases and the need for traders to hedge their positions (insure) increases. There is very small number of instruments for insurance against the risk of falling of the cryptocurrencies. These are futures and/or vanilla options. But these are tools for professionals; few of the newly introduced cryptocurrencies will be able to insure their risks through trade in vanilla options.

On our platform, a separate segment is allocated, which allows all traders, without having professional knowledge, to insure their open positions on cryptocurrency exchanges. It is enough for a trader to place a bet against his open position on the market, through the purchase of an option, and in case of an unfavorable event for him, the loss from the purchase of cryptocurrency compensates for the gain on the bet made.

The trading platform of the bet market is an alternative choice and the first full-fledged trading system allowing to bet and accept bets, built on the basis of blockchain technology, offering a set of solutions for the largest segment of the betting industry. The trading system is under development and will be available for testing at the end of the fourth quarter of 2018.

Trading platform

The trading platform is an online application. Clearing of all operations is carried out by smart-contract. The human factor of payouts is absolutely excluded.

We received positive feedback from active traders and players. And we take into account all the subtleties of this market.

In the financial block, we use a dynamic system to change the win rate, depending on the volatility of the cryptocurrency and the time until the end of the event. The trading platform does not charge a Commission for deposit and withdrawal of funds, which does not impose unreasonable costs on Traders and Players.

The Commission is imposed only on the winnings of the participants. The amount of fee - floating and is published separately on the website Fund DoBETacceptBET. On our trading platform, input and output of coins is carried out as well as when trading cryptocurrencies. Buying DCA tokens automatically gives you the opportunity to participate in bidding on the betting market. Our platform provides input and output of DCA coins automatically through servers with fully synchronized ETH blockchain.

Advantages for players

Players on our trading platform will get more benefits for their money, namely:
- guarantees of payment of a prize are provided by the rules prescribed in the smart contract and are protected from attempts to manipulate settlement terms from any of the participants, as well as from third parties;
- all transactions are carried out exclusively in the crypto-currency, which allows to limit the impact of any national or international legislation on the activities of bidders;
- bookmakers limit amount of deposits, they are able to "cut" them and not to pay the winnings;
- on our trading floor, it is possible to deposit and withdraw any amount;
- it is possible to create your own analytics based on the accumulated data of the trading system for the forthcoming event, apply financial, technical, fundamental and mathematical analysis tools to assess the risk of decision making.
- Insure your open positions on cryptocurrency exchanges without having a professional financial education
- The participant can also act as an insurance company, accepting the premium for the risk taken

Benefits of DCA Fundraising

The annual world-market turnover rates amounts to 230 billion U.S. dollars, the global cryptocurrency circulation is 500 billion dollars, involvement in the platform doBEtacceptBET even a small portion of 0.1% - that means $ 730 million turnover per year.

The fundraising for DCA will expand financial opportunities for a faster capture of share on this market. At least 50% of all raised funds will be used for marketing. Marketing will be aimed at attracting both gamblers and algorithmic traders. A separate work to attract sports bars, pubs and other entertainment facilities, which are now forbidden to take bets, and to trade tokens on our site is allowed always and everywhere.

To promote the financial options sector, work with crypto-Funds, traders, trader communities, opinion leaders in the financial market.

Also an active marketing company in the e-sports segment will be held. Sponsorship of young prospective teams with DCA game tokens will be possible. Cybersport is a highly technological, with young participants, an actively developing and dynamic market.

A large component of marketing will be aimed at increasing the organic traffic of players and direct purchase of installations (traffic).

Major partners in promotion of the project:

  • ICO Rating
  • ICO Countdown
  • ICO Alert
  • Tokentops
  • BitJournal
  • Coindesk
  • Cointelegraph
  • BitTelegraph
  • Asian Agency and Freelance
  • BloggingPR

In addition to traditional forms of marketing, the smart-contract technology functionality of the DCA token allows you to create a number of unique additional features for the trading system platform.

Structure of the trading platform

The platform consists of two components

1. Clearing center. Data center.

The clearing center receives and processes data received from the user's terminal(s).

2. Terminal for users.

The terminal receives data introduced by the participants and transmits it to the clearing center. Accepts data from the clearing center and transmits it to the users.

Brokerage on the platform

Dubet Fund offers an opportunity to cooperate with traders within the framework of brokerage relations on a mutually beneficial basis.

Dubet Fund provides the terminal to all interested users (brokers) meeting the following conditions: availability on user's account of the dca amount not less than the amount established by the Fund Doubet.

Recording of brokers

Identification number of the account of a broker is the number of Ethereum wallet in which coins DCA are recorded.

Terms of brokerage

The broker's terminal has its own administration system. User’s settings are related to the level of Commission (on the winnings from the losing parties or the Commission from each transaction). Connection of robototechnic software for arbitrage, market-maker program. Autosubmit.

The bidding process with postponed conditions

Stop with the associated application; Take-profit;

Stop on execution of the application;

Take profit on execution;

Take profit and stop limit;

Take profit and stop limit on the execution of the application.

Commission of the platform

By default, the terminal includes the Commission of the platform with payment of the participants' winnings in the amount set by the Fund Dubet.

Brokers’ referral program

The broker terminal has a built-in referral system. It allows the broker to attract referrals by setting interest rates and / or additional conditions. The broker chooses referrals and terms of work with them.


The platform broadcasts the latest news of FRTG group and other news and educational channels. Users have possibility to connect and disconnect news and educational channels.


The chat is not supposed to be present on the!


Platform’s support works all around the clock. Your appeal is accepted by mail [email protected] and sent to all interested in solving the issue employees.

In the next version of the platform, we will describe solution of issues through the creation of a Ticker issue.


In the next version of the platform, on all instruments traded on the platform will be spelled out the possibility of API (application programming interface, application programming interface).

Any party will be able through the API register your applications interacting with data from the platform.

Responsibility of the parties to the brokerage

Dubet Fund is not responsible for the actions of the broker.

The broker is not responsible for the actions of Dubet Fund.

Obligations and rights of Buyer and Seller of options

The buyer of the option, at a favorable expiration of the event, has the right to claim the amount of the amount spent multiplied by the ratio which was recorded at the time of purchase of the option. For example: the participant bought an option in the amount of = 1000dca with ratio = 3.2, in case of a positive outcome, he has the right to demand an amount of 1000*3.2=3200dca. The buyer of the option, in case of an unfavourable outcome of the event, loses the entire amount spent on the purchase of the option. For example: the participant bought an option in the amount of= 1000dcac ratio ratio =3.2, in the case of a negative outcome, loses the amount spent on the purchase of the option in the amount of 1000dca

In case of a positive outcome for the buyer of the option, the option seller has an obligation to pay the Buyer an amount equal to the amount received by the Seller multiplied by the ratio of ratio. In case of a negative outcome for the Buyer, the Seller receives the amount of the option contract.

For example: the Seller entered into an option contract for sale in the amount of 1000dcac ratio = 3.2. Under the option contract, the Seller has the obligation to pay the Buyer an amount of 1000*3.2=3200dca in case of a positive outcome of the event for the Seller. In case of negative outcome of the event for the Buyer - the Seller receives the amount of 1000dca.

Sports and other events

On the platform DoBETacceptBET options are traded on sporting events, election events around the world, any high-profile events that have a demand from participants of the platform DoBETacceptBET. The initial factor to take the data from the BetFair exchange. Ratio is given according to the formula: If two outcomes of the event:


Three if the outcome of events

Two smallest coefficients are taken as a basis, then the ratio of the third outcome


The start of trading for each event begins 60 calendar days before the end of the event. The end result of the event is formed from the official sources of the organizer of the event. Clearing for each event is automatic and takes no more than 15 minutes after the end of the event. In case of change of time of delay or prolongation of the event, all data is taken from official sources of the event organizer and transferred automatically on DoBETacceptBET platform.

Application of options in the financial sector

The main practical application of betting options in the financial sector. Options are traded on the basis of a change in the price of the underlying asset.

Option UP is the type of the Option, payment of which depends on the price reaching the underlying asset that occurred during the existence of the option. The option takes effect when the price rises to the specified level. The Option holder is entitled to demand payment of the amount in DCA tokens in the amount of the amount in DCA paid for the option multiplied by ratio;

Option DOWN is a type of Option in which the payoff depends on the price of the underlying asset during the lifetime of the option. The option comes into effect when the price falls to the specified level the Option Holder is entitled to demand payment of the amount in DCA tokens in the amount of the amount in DCA paid for the option multiplied by the ratio;

Determination of Probabilities-probability that the price will be

  • above the strike price, P(UP)
  • below the strike price - P(DOWN)

P(UP) + P(DOWN) = 1

Strike price is the price of the underlying asset at which the Option becomes effective.

Features Of Options

  • In-the-Money options-Money Option (ITM)
  • At-the-money (ATM) options)
  • Out-of-the-Money Out-of-the-Money (OTM) options

In the money Option (ITM)- this is when the event has already happened, but there is still time before the end of the event

A trader bought Option UP the strike of 7000 and time of expiration 01.06.2018, the Trader made a bet that the price of pair BTC/USD 01.06.2018 will be above $7000. If the price is below $ 8000 but the expiration has not yet come. Thus, Option UP "entered the money" and is traded with the characteristics of the In-the-Money Option (ITM)

At-the-money (ATM) options are when the current price of a b/a pair is approximately at the price you selected as an event.

Trader bought Option UP with strike 7000 and expiration time on 01.06.2018, Trader made a bet that the price for BTC / USD pair on 01.06.2018 will be higher than $7000 at the moment the price becomes $7000. Thus, Option UP "is on the money" strike=the current price of b/a and is traded with the characteristics of the Option At-the-money (ATM)

Out-of-the money options (OTM) - this is when the price of the event b / a has not yet reached

A trader bought Option UP the strike of 7000 and time of expiration 01.06.2018, the Trader made a bet that the price of pair BTC/USD 01.06.2018 will be above $7000 At the moment the price is $6000 to trigger the bet price should be another $1000. The options are traded with the characteristics of the Option Out-of-the-Money (OTM)

Factor Ratio – the ratio of reward. The estimated value determined by the Exchange based on the price and volatility of the underlying Option asset during Trading. The procedure for calculating the ratio of the ratio of the Option is approved by Fund DoBETacceptBET and published on the website DoBETacceptBEt;

Pricing of Ratio according to Black-Scholes Model (OPM)

1.Implying the volatility of the bid (implied volatility of the underlying asset of the option, for the relevant bid) is determined based on the bid price in accordance with the black-Scholes model for European options in pairs with a zero interest rate, taking into account the assumption that the movement of prices in the market of the underlying asset is determined by a stochastic process based on the normal distribution function N(x) with

Developing strategies to start trading platform, available at doption.ru

Developing strategies to start trading platform, available at doption.ru The price of the basic asset of the option is determined as of the current time t by translating the price from third-party services or crypto-exchange.

2. Delta coefficients are calculated by options on the basis of theoretical volatility using the following formulas:

Developing strategies to start trading platform, available at doption.ru

Developing strategies before the start of the on platform is available at doption.ru Zero interest rate is always used to calculate this coefficient. For purposes of calculating the ratio "Delta", the formula for the calculation of Delta for options to purchase (Dc).

3. Ratio Formula Ratio - Ratio = 1 / Delta

The option Board consists of strikes closest to the price of the underlying asset.

Developing strategies to start trading platform, available at doption.ru

Situation: At the current BTC/USD price of $ 6741 and the expiration date of April 1, 2018, the Participant made a bet that the BTC/USD price will be above $8000 through the purchase of the up Option. The participant spent 100 coins and plan to get 100*3,27 (coefficient UP)

Developing strategies to start trading platform, available at doption.ru

If 1 April 2018g. the price will not go up to $ 8000 the Participant's loss is the bet of 100 coins, but if the price is above $8000, the Participant will receive a profit of 227 coins (=+327-100)


N(U)*K(U) - N(D)*K(D)=0

If you buy Option UP in the amount of N(U) with the coefficient K(U) strike S and sell Option DOWN in the amount of N(D) in the amount of K (D) strike s, the position will be neutral.

  • N(D) - number of Option DOWN
  • K(D) - DOWN ratio
  • N(U) - is the amount UP Option
  • K(U) - is the coefficient UP

Buy Option UP with a factor of 3.27 in the amount of 100pcs. Calculate how much you need to sell Option DOWN with a coefficient of 1.44 to position was absolutely neutral. N(D) = 100 * 3.27/1.44 = 227 pieces

Checking on the chart

Position Profit / Loss on sold Option DOWN is absolutely identical to the purchased Option UP, in the sum they will give a completely neutral position. Identity is true.

Use of the parity Rule by bidders
The parity rule allows arbitrators to make a profit regardless of the outcome of events. Arbitration fills the market with liquidity. Thanks to the arbitrators, any participant will be able to enter the market, " giving the prize to the market"

Optional calculator

Optional calculator is available at doption.ru.

The service is designed to build portfolios consisting of combinations OF up and DOWN options and calculation of profit or loss of the built portfolio, which is especially important, for example, to open hedging positions. First you need to select the "Portfolio" icon, add a portfolio by entering your own name and click " Finish»

Further, select to the portfolio necessary options, clicking on the "+" bottom of the bookmarks UP/DOWN. Choice of the options can be carried out by sequentially selecting the desired.

Choice of the options can be carried out by sequentially selecting the desired.

  • Expiration date
  • Position (UP/DOWN)
  • Strike
  • Type (BUY/SELL)
  • Number

The Ratio field is filled in automatically. If to insert its value the Ratio field, the calculations will use the Ratio option of the user. It is possible to add any number of new portfolios and positions in them, as well as to delete both individual components and portfolios as a whole. In addition, portfolios can be minimized and expanded. In the future you will be able to save portfolios, open saved, print them, as well as set the data refresh period and refresh the data manually. Schedules for the portfolio are based on the expiration time. You can now compare the portfolios for one underlying asset and to plot graphs in DCA.

Option strategies trading on the platform DoBETAcceptBET.

The advantage of options is restricted loss. Lack of options is limited profit. The main use of Options is hedging of linear positions.

1. Hedging line items. Situation.

The trader bought a BTC/USD pair for the price of $ 7000 on the crypto currency. The trader bought Option DOWN with a strike 6000.

Development of strategies before start of trading on the platform is available at doption.ru

The profitable area of the Trader is Above $ 7000. The loss zone is anything below $ 7000. By purchasing Option DOWN the participant is insured against falling in the part of the amount of winnings that he will pay the one who took his bet.
took his bet. When the BTC/USD price increases, the loss on the option position is limited by the amount of the bet that the participant spent on buying the option.

Option position with limited risks

The trader buys UP Option with the strike price of 9000 with odds of 4.40 for 2000 DCA

Development of strategies before start of trading on the platform is available at doption.ru

The trader sells the Option with a strike price of 10000 UP with the ratio of 7.90 for 1000 DCA

Development of strategies before start of trading on the platform is available at doption.ru

If the price at the time of expiration is:

  • below $9000 the Trader has a loss 1000 DCA
  • between $9000 - $10000 the Trader has profit 7800 DCA
  • more than $ 10000 the Trader has a loss 100 DCA

Collateral for this construction is 1000 DCA

Buying a straddle

The trader buys Option UP with a strike near the price of the underlying asset, $9000 with a ratio of 4.4 in the amount of 1000DCA.
Buys a DOWN Option with a strike of $6,000 with a coefficient of 4.54 in quantities of 1,000 DCA

Development of the strategies before start of trading on the platform is available at doption.ru

If the price at the moment of expiration is:

  • below $ 6000 the trader gains 2540 DCA
  • between $ 6000-$9000 the Trader has a loss of 2000 DCA
  • more than $9000 the Trader has profit 2400 DCA

Collateral for this construction is 2000 DCA

The program of rewards of the participants in the project (bounty)

The purpose of the bounty program is to reward the participants of the project for the promotion of the project. Fund DoBETacceptBET is not advocating to reward with tokens DCA. And there is an explanation.

At the moment when tokens start trading on the stock exchange, bounty tokens are the first to enter the market, and usually affect the price rate, significantly reducing the price. The main damage is received by primary investors who bought tokens at the ICO.

Our task is to protect primary investors. Therefore, we have released a special token - bounty option.

This is a separate token on the Ethereum ERC20 platform, which has the following characteristics: the bounty Option entitles to purchase DCA coins at a price higher than the current price. At the strike price. Inside the smart contract there are reserved as many DCA coins as issued bounty tokens. Option has two dates.

The first date is the opening of the option. This means the date and time when the option holder is entitled to purchase DCA coins at the strike price. The second date is the expiration of the bounty option. This is the time and date when the bounty option burns and all unpurchased coins return to the holder who created the DCA contract.

The token option has three main characteristics

  • the price at which the owner of the bounty option has the right to buy DCA coins
  • date and time of the opening of the option. This is the date time when the right to buy DCA coins at the strike price arises
  • date and time of expiry of the bounty option. This is the date and time when the token automatically burns and all DCA coins are returned to the DCA holder

Purposes of issuing bounty tokens:

  • Protection of initial investors from falling prices at the start of sales of the DCA coin on the crypto market
  • Involvement and retention of participants in the project who promote and promote the project for a long time
  • Work of all project participants to increase the capitalization of the project through increasing the price of the coin DCA
  • Protection from PAMM robots that artificially raise the cost of increasing coin volatility
  • The main part of the bounty tokens will have a team of SEO. Thus, initial investors will have a guarantee that tokens will not be sold by large holders at the beginning of trading of the DCA coin
  • Options bounty will be filling facility of the trading platform with tokens DCA. The complete mechanism of platform token filling is described in a separate Chapte
  • Withdrawal of coins to the platform through bounty options
  • Bounty options can be bought on a separate tab in the personal Cabinet of the DCA token holder. The price will be calculated on a daily basis. In the basis of calculating the implicit formula black Scholes

We do not restrict trading of bounty options outside our trading platform.

DCA token

DCA token is created on Ethereum ERC20 platform contract number: 0x386Faa4703a34a7Fdb19Bec2e14Fd427C9638416
Token Holder: 0x7dbb125435e98518154804911a42d8f8771ca5cd

Number of issued tokens: 200 million
Number of offered for sale during the ICO period: - 10 mln
The price for initial investors: $0.01
The price in the beginning of trading on cryptocurrency exchanges is $0.10

Number of reserved DCA coins in bounty tokens options with strikes: the opening date for all options is one calendar month after the release of the bounty option.

Strike - $0.2
Maturity date 31 December 2018.
Number of reserved DCA - 3.5 million

Strike - $0.3
Maturity date may 31, 2019.
Number of reserved DCA - 3.5 million

Strike - $0.4
Maturity date of 31 July 2019.
Number of reserved DCA - 7mln.

Strike - $0.5
Maturity date of September 31, 2019
Number of reserved DCA - 10.5 million

Strike - $0.6
Maturity date of 31 December 2019.
Number of reserved DCA - 17.5 million

Strike - $0.7
Maturity date may 31, 2020.
The number of reserved DCA - 28млн.

Strike - $0.8
Maturity date July 31, 2020.
Number of reserved DCA - 45.5 million

Strike - $0.9
Maturity date 31 December 2020.
Number of reserved DCA - 74.5 million

At the moment when all bounty tokens burn down all unredeemed tokens are returned to the contract holder

Fund DoBETacceptBET within three days produces a new bounty option with the following characteristics:
The number of all tokens unredeemed at the burned-out bounty option.
Option opening date - date of issue of the bounty option.
Date of expiration of the option - within 60 days after the date of issue.
Strike price - the strike price of the expired the option plus the strike price of the next strike price of the option divided by half.

For example: if the bounty option burns with a strike of $0.2 the next strike on the strike scale is $0.3, the price of the strike of the new bounty option will be equal to(0.2+0.3)/2=$0.25 If an option with a strike of $0.9 burns down, the next strike of the bounty option is issued in increments of $ 0.1 and the number of all unredeemed options.

Input of coins on the platform through bounty options

Our priority is to maintain a constant balance of supply and demand of DCA tokens on the DoBETacceptBET trading platform. We have at our disposal information on the number of events involved.

At the initial stage, for each event we put at least 10,000 DCA participants and at least 20,000 DCA on the market-maker program. The number of events at the initial stage is not less than 500. The required quantity of DCA in the initial phase 30000*500=15000000 DCA.
For the initial stage DoBETacceptBET Fund has reserved 10 mln. DCA.

The remaining coins will be transferred to the reserve under the bounty options. And bounty options will be transferred to the team and distributed for remuneration to the project participants. In the initial stage of trading on the platform DoBETacceptBET number of events and the number of participants will increase, increasing the need to purchase coins DCA. Once all 10mln. DCA will be transferred to the use of the participants, the market will form a deficit of DCA tokens. The deficit will push the price of DCA tokens up. As soon as the price reaches the strike level of the bounty option and is above the strike price, the owner of the bounty option has a positive balance. Having the right to buy DCA tokens below the current price, the option owner will use it and thereby equalize the DCA price near the strike price.

The bonds shall be redeemed at holder's DCA.

The DCA token redemption mechanism allows the holder to enter an additional amount of DCA tokens into the platform through market-making and other programs aimed at maintaining liquidity on the DCA platform. Thereby extra coins DCA in the trading platform DoBETacceptBET.

We create a system of market entry of coins on the platform DoBETacceptBET in which the creators of the platform DoBETacceptBET can not artificially affect the value of the coin. The number of DCA coins will be governed by the demand caused by the increase in the number of bidders on the DoBETacceptBET platform.

At the time of lower demand on the platform DoBETacceptBET associated with a reduction in the overall appeal of the cryptocurrency in the world, or to other factors, DoBETacceptBET Fund reserves the right to burning unwanted coins derived through remuneration for trading on the platform DoBETacceptBET or redemption options bounty.

Coins reserved and not purchased under the options will not be burned.

The mechanism of further distribution of unbought coins bounty options is described in the Chapter "DCA Tokens".

Formation of an application on DoBETacceptBET platform

Procedure for filing, registration and processing of applications for transactions

Submission to the Trading system of applications for transactions is carried out by introducing the relevant Applications in the trading platform DoBETacceptBET. Applications are submitted through the web application in the browser during the Auction. Two Active requests are considered counter (one Active request is counter to the other Active request) if the following conditions are met for them at the same time:

  • both Active applications are filed under the Option contract with the same code
  • one Active application is an application to purchase, and the other Active application is an application form for sale
  • Ratio of Active purchase requisition is greater than or equal to ratio of Active sales requisition

The best Active order for purchase is considered Active order on the purchase requisition that contains the smallest Ratio, and in the presence of several such Active orders announced earlier.

The best Active sales order requisition is considered to be the Active sales requisition that contains the highest Ratio, and if there are multiple Active order requisitions, the one declared earlier.

The application submitted to the Trading system must contain an indication of the category:

  • limited Application - an Application that provides for a transaction with Ratio specified in the Application, or for the best ratio and allows partial execution. The non-executed part of the Order remains in the queue as a separate Active order with preservation of time parameters of its initial statement in the queue of Active orders
  • market Entry, allowing partial execution, - an Application that is executed at the time of announcement by Ratio specified in the Application, or by a better ratio in the volume of the Application (if the volume of the Application is less than or equal to the total volume of counter-Active applications with ratio Ratio Ratio is not worse than ratio specified in the Application) or in the volume of these Active applications (if the volume of the Application exceeds the volume of these Active applications). The outstanding part of the Order is immediately deleted by the trading platform

The bid submitted by the bidder to the Trading platform must contain the following information:

Application for conclusion of Option contracts:

  • Identifier of the bidder
  • code (designation) of the option contract (in case of submitting purchase Requisitions or orders for the sale)
  • offer type (buy or sell)
  • Ratio
  • volume of DCA tokens for the conclusion of Option contracts (the volume of the offer).

The offers for the conclusion of Option contracts contained in the application for the conclusion of Option contracts are considered to be sent on the terms of this Application, the Specification of this Option contract.

Offers contained in Applications are considered to be directed on the condition that the withdrawal of an Active application means the simultaneous withdrawal of all offers contained therein.

Trading platform provides the fixation of all the information received from bidders of the Bids (hereinafter – register of transactions). The register of transactions is formed in electronic form after the end of trading. The register of transaction contains the following information:

  • the unique code of the Application
  • date and time Of application registration
  • Application status (registered, not registered)
  • the reason for the refusal of registration of the Application in the Registry of applications
  • other information that the Trading platform reflects when fixing the Application

At the request of a trading Participant, the Exchange shall provide to such trading Participant an extract from the register of transactions sent to the Trading system by this trading participant in the manner and terms specified by the requirements of Fund DoBETacceptBET.
Received Applications are registered by the Trading platform In the register of applications (considered to be announced).Filed order is not registered Trading platform in the orders Register if the token balance of the DCA is insufficient for the conclusion of the option contract.

The register of the applications contains the following information:

  • the Application ID number
  • the unique code of the Application in the register of transactions
  • Option contract code (designation)
  • ID of the bidder
  • terms and conditions of the Application, including the amount of Option contracts for which the Application is declared
  • date and time of Application registration
  • date and time of execution (withdrawal, cancellation (removal)) of the Application
  • result of the announcement of the Application (execution, partially executed, executed, revoked, canceled (deleted), etc.)
  • reason for cancellation

The bidder may submit new Bids, withdraw and modify previously announced Active bids during the Bidding process. Changes to the previously announced Application shall be considered as withdrawal of the previously announced Application and submission of a new Application.

The trading platform provides trading Participants with the opportunity to withdraw Active orders before the resumption of Trading in case Of trading suspension.


The condition of the transaction is the presence of counter-Active orders, which are respectively the best Bid for the purchase and the best Bid for the sale. When making a transaction on the basis of counter-Active applications ratio Ratio Ratio ratio is considered to be equal Ratio specified in the counter Active application announced earlier, and the number of Option contracts is considered to be less than the number of offers contained in counter Active applications.

When making a transaction on the basis of one Active application Ratio is considered to be equal to Ratio specified in the Active application, and the number of Option contracts is considered to be less than the number specified in the Active application.

All transactions made at the Auction shall be deemed entered in the place of registration of the Fund DoBETacceptBET.
All transactions made during the Trading day are registered by the platform in the contract Register. The contract register contains the following information:

  • identification numbers of Applications on the basis of which the transaction was made
  • identification number of the transaction
  • date and time of registration of the transaction
  • Identifier of the bidder who made the trade
  • name and code (designation) of the Option contract
  • number of Option contracts entered into in the transaction
  • Ratio
  • transaction amount

The register of contracts is maintained during the Auction

Option contracts concluded in violation of these Rules, including as a result of technical failures and/or errors in the operation of the means of bidding (including software failures), software and hardware, information and communication means by which organized bidding is ensured, may be recognized as non-excluded.

Stage of development

The main purpose of the platform is to provide those who want to bet on events in sports, politics, culture and other areas, through the purchase and sale of options, is to provide them with more opportunities and better service. We give participants the right and opportunity not only to place bets, but also to accept bets from other participants.

In a separate block, we have identified the financial sector that allows you to place bets and take bets, through the purchase and sale of options, on events related to the change in the price of cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile, which makes it very attractive for speculators and hedgers.

We are ready to cooperate with any positively proven cryptocurrency exchange for the exchange of quotations. It is no secret that the value of the same currency pair on different exchanges is different, and it is much more profitable for Traders to work on our platform having an open position on the exchange where the quotes are transmitted.

In addition to the linear market, there are cryptocurrency exchanges trading non - linear instruments-vanilla options on BTC/USD. For example www.deribit.com. We plan to attract option traders to our platform to hedge their uncovered positions on option sales. It is the option sellers who suffer a loss if the price goes over a certain value, and if the Seller insures his risk on our platform, he will very much push the limits of his loss-making zone, transferring it to or without loss or profit.

The next step will be to open opportunities for the participants for a minimum Commission to nominate themselves events, which can be done to take bets. In case of positive response from other participants, the initiator of the event will receive a reward from the trading platform in the form of deductions from the Commission of the trading platform. We believe that this will be in demand among the participants in order to create their own local tournaments.

Profit generation on the trading platform

Our company is not a bookmaker and we are not organizers of binary options. The main income will be formed from the reward from the profit received by the Trader - Player as a percentage of the winnings. Reward information will be changed and announced publicly.

At the initial stage, it is planned to introduce about 500 events. Events change every month. It will take about 10 million DCA coins to trade. We expect that 30% of the total turnover within one and the same event will have the speculators, the other 70% of the hedgers. Speculators differ in that they trade short trends and increasing the speed of circulation of coins on the platform. Hedgers enter once and exit only at the moment when the event is over.

At any outcome of the event, the trading platform gains profit as a percentage of the winnings. Profit will depend on how much risk players take when buying or selling options.

Take the worst case scenario where participants do not speculate but enter a position once a month. With an average coefficient of 2.0, with a change of events once a month, and with a Commission of 5%, we can roughly calculate the profit of the platform:

P = 10000000/2.0*0.05 = 250000DCA

It should be understood that market-makers’ programs at the initial stages can lead to some losses, with a turnover of 10 million per month, the loss can be up to 1%.

Thus, the monthly profit of the platform at the formation stage, will be 150 thousand DCA coins, or transferring $ 15,000 to dollars. This is enough for the development and maintenance of back office with round-the-clock support of the platform.


10 000 000 DCA tokens are reserved for ICO. ICO starts at 08:00:00 UTC 22.01.2018 and ends 08:00:00 01.07.2018. During the ICO period, token buyers receive a discount according to the following scheme:

from 08:00:00 UTC 22.01.2018 to 08:00:00 UTC 01.07.2018 price is 0.000027 ETH

For investors worth more than 10% of the total amount of ICO, we offer a separate 25% discount, which will lead to the receipt of 25% more tokens for the same amount of investment.

Current development and road map:

  • October 2017. the beginning of the development of the trading platform with the internal handling of cryptocurrency
  • January 2018. the token issuance ERC 20 DCA
  • January 2018. - June 2018 realization of ICO doBETacceptBET
  • February 2018. - launch of marketing campaign
  • August 2018. - September 2018g.: public launch of the trading platform with circulation of the DCA internal currency
  • September 2018 - first centralized tournaments on the platform
  • Q4 2018: completion of testing of the trading platform, including integration of the DCA token into player profiles, statuses and awards
  • 1st quarter 2019: completion of testing of a decentralized trading platform
  • Q2 2019: completing the integration of decentralized games and tournaments


BET'BET's WAVES s WAVES will be released in exchange for DCA ETH standard ERC 20 to 1:1 ratio.

Synergy of cryptocurrencies, the betting market and the financial world

DCA tokens will be built on the basis of synergy of talents from different areas of the crypto world, the betting market and experience from the world of Finance.

Our main business model is to become the first crypto-project that will successfully bridge the gap and unite crypto-technologies, the world of betting and the financial world, creating a truly massive, unique intellectual product. Tokens DCA will help to Fund the marketing that will greatly enhance the usefulness and value of trading platform doBETacceptBET. In addition, we hope to take advantage of Ethereum to further develop and improve the quality of our services.

Our team

A team of professional traders managing the financial markets. We sometimes bulls, sometimes bears, but we always trade! With many years of experience in successful portfolio management and investment in the derivatives market, we analyze instruments that are inherently non-linear and poorly predictable on a daily basis. To build a strategy - that's our job.

The world of Finance and the world of Betting are the same. In the betting market, we are particularly interested in introducing a new tool-a non-linear, marginalised instrument with limited profitability. Unlike any typical options that are traded on the financial markets, nor on, especially, binary options. It would be right to name it - a marginable option with a fixed yield. This is a new tool - a new market. They can be traded, apply various strategies that we use in the financial market (speculation, arbitrage, hedging, etc.)

It can be analyzed, using the indicators of volatility and Delta hedging. We are confident that this is a new kind of financial activity. The introduction of such a tool can also have a strong impact on the betting Market - like the introduction of the black — Scholes formula for the option market.

Naturally, in the world it is impossible to change such Betting systems that have been developing for decades. But with the advent of blockchain technology and the ability to write tokens with their own rules, everything has changed. We can offer players an improved analogue of the existing reality. introducing elements of decentralization and withdrawal of players from a single Central management. To close the interests of players on each other.

Coding platform trusted programmers from Yekaterinburg. These are experienced guys who took part in writing many trading platforms for financial markets. A PR company do the guys from Sochi. It is known that Sochi and Yekaterinburg are the most creative cities! And we are proud of our team!

Technical aspects of the payment system

Technological advances within the payment system doBETacceptBET trading platform will use the customized centralized payment system created by our developers. This system will offer DCA as a payment option for purchases and sales of options. Players will be able to purchase DCA directly from the ETH payment terminal, via credit cards and other local payment methods without having to exit the trading platform. Our payment terminal will be built to ensure safety, versatility and ease of use. Our goal is to process massive data (Big Data) at high speeds. To this end, we will create an analytical cluster that allows you to analyze previous events. This is very important for the participants of the trading platform, because based on the analysis of previous data it is possible to build future forecasts. Nowhere and never before has a player been able to" peek " into the past on his team's games to match the data to make the right prediction. This massive collection of data will allow you to display graphs of the variation coefficient (Ratio) to the screen platform that will allow you to apply both fundamental and technical analysis for decision-making. The participant will be able to easily change the user settings.

Terms and Conditions

This document is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to sell shares or securities in the doBETacceptBET trading platform or to any other related or associated company.

DCA tokens do not grant the right of control. Ownership of DCA tokens does not confer upon its holder the right to ownership or the right to property in the doBETacceptBET trading platform or any other related company.

While community opinions and feedback can be taken into account, DCA tokens do not give any right to participate in decision-making or any direction of business development associated with the doBETacceptBET trading platform. Tokens can be used to obtain a specific profile status on the platform, allowing you to participate in certain tournaments or get discounts, or rewards on the platform. DCA tokens can be used for trading within the trading platform and in decentralized tournaments and matches between players.

Lack of guarantees of income or profit. All examples of income and profit calculations used in this document have been provided for demonstration purposes only, or to demonstrate industry averages, and do not represent a guarantee that these results will be achieved according to the marketing plan.

Risks associated with Ethereum

DCA tokens will be issued on the Ethereum platform of the ERC 20 standard. In this regard, any malfunction or improper operation of the Ethereum Protocol can lead to the fact that the trading network of DCA tokens will operate unexpectedly.

Regulatory uncertainty

Technology relevant to the block chain, which in some countries are subject to supervision and control by various regulatory authorities.

DCA tokens may be subject to one or more requests from regulatory authorities in individual countries, followed by restrictions on the use or possession of digital tokens. DCA tokens are not an investment.

DCA tokens are not any kind of official or legally binding investment. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the objectives set out in this document are subject to change. Although we intend to achieve all of the points described in this document, all persons and parties involved in the purchase of DCA tokens do so at their own risk.

Lack of implementation

Despite the fact that tokens DCA should not be regarded as investment; they may gain value with time. Their value may also fall if the doBETacceptBET trading platform is underutilized in use and application.

Risk of loss of funds

Funds received in the process of fundraising are not insured. In case of loss or fall of value, there is no private or public insurance representative, to which the buyer can apply.

Risk of Failure

It is possible that for various possible reasons, including as a result of the limitation, failure of business arrangements or marketing strategies, the doBETacceptBET trading platform and all subsequent marketing actions with respect to the funds collected in this crowdsale (fundraising) may not be successful.

The risk of using new technologies

Crypto-tokens like DCA are a fairly new and relatively untested technology. In addition to the risks mentioned in this document, there are additional risks that the dobetacceptbet trading platform team cannot foresee. These risks may materialize in other forms of risks than those listed here.


This document defines all the terms of the relationship between the parties in relation to the subject matter of the agreement. All prior agreements, discussions, presentations, warranties, and conditions are incorporated herein. There are no warranties, representations, conditions or agreements, Express or implied, between the parties other than those expressly set forth herein. Changes in this document are only possible in writing, duly executed.