White paper

Our experience in trading margin options on financial markets, as well as active use of barrier options in the foreign exchange markets, allows us to develop a trading platform based on blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. This platform will have its own payment system, which will allow players to purchase and sell options using the BeTcoin token.

Thus, players will be able to bet and accept bets. The launch of the trading platform is planned for the end of the fourth quarter of 2018 and, judging by the reviews of players, our service will attract both gamblers and prudent players.

Fundraising and issuance of DCA tokens will help to finance marketing and advertising of the trading platform, As well as the development of technology for a smart contract (logic of the trading system) based on the Etherium blockchain inside the platform.

DCA tokens will be used for internal settlements between participants in the trading platform with a view to guarantee payment of the winnings at the expense of the funds of the participant who undertook to pay it.

Tokens of DCA will provide an opportunity to use the technology of a smart contract, to develop a decentralized market of rates and to enable players to use all the opportunities on the betting market: speculate with bets, engage in arbitration with bookmakers, hedge bets.

Bet market

Analyzing bet market, we came to the conclusion that there are serious prospects for its development. It is enough to say that in past year, the total annual turnover of bookmakers, controlling the bet market only for sports events, is more than 550 billion dollars. And the total profit of the bookmakers is 50 billion dollars annually. Thus, the profitability of bookmakers reaches 10 percent on average. There are not many other spheres of activity in which profitability of investments is similar or exceeds indicators of bookmakers. A particular segment of the market is gaining popularity – bets for e-sports. Cybersport is a very young and fast-developing sport. Despite its short history, e-sports quickly found fans around the world. E-sports is best developed in Korea, and it is very popular in America and Europe. ESports began to develop very rapidly in China, despite the fact that it appeared there quite recently. Already many bookmakers have begun to take bets on battles in cybersports. And it should be said that this niche is practically not occupied. The doBETacceptBET cryptographic platform will fit organically into this rapidly developing market.

At the same time while studying the practice of bookmakers it became clear that their activities are excessively bureaucratized and subject to very rigid and often archaic legislative restrictions that make the development of the market of bookmaker’s services practically impossible. Bookmakers in their current form are objectively incapable to develop and diversify their services. They work in the old-fashioned way and do not introduce modern digital technologies. The maximum achievement of recent years is the creation of sites and acceptance of bets online.

Of the recent examples:
"The largest pub network in the UK, Green King sued UKGC after refusal to obtain a bingo license. Company was denied under the reason that the Green King business model did not meet the requirements of the licensing body, as “Gambling Insider” reported. "We welcome the decision of the court, which explains the powers of the Commission. In our opinion, bets, bingo and other types of gambling should only be provided in separate rooms licensed for this particular purpose. It should be the premises in which people go for a specific purpose: to gamble” said UKGC representative Helen Venn."

Among other things the rigid framework of bookmaking often leads to abuse by bookmakers. In particular, bidders are increasingly faced with unjustified bookmakers' refusals from payments due, including even under the pretext of a "suspiciously high" player’s bonus. The introduction of revolutionary new technologies into the bookmaker's business of blockchain and crypto currency will help to bring the bet market to a fundamentally new level of development and profitability. The trading platform of the bet market is an alternative choice and the first full-fledged trading system allowing to bet and accept bets, built on the basis of blockchain technology, offering a set of solutions for the largest segment of the betting industry. The trading system is under development and will be available for testing at the end of the fourth quarter of 2018.

Trading platform

Currently, the services for inclusion in the functional of the trading system are being specified. We received positive feedback from active players. And we take into account all the subtleties of this market. Currently, bookmaker offices charge a commission for deposit and withdrawal of funds, which imposes unreasonable costs on players.

On our trading platform, coin deposit and withdrawal will be carried out as well as when trading with crypto-currencies. Buying DCA tokens automatically gives you the opportunity to bid on the betting market. In addition, the withdrawal of funds from bookmakers is greatly extended in time. Our platform will do this automatically through the sale of tokens.

Advantages for players

Players on our trading platform will get more benefits for their money, namely: - guarantees of payment of a prize are provided by the rules prescribed in the smart contract and are protected from attempts to manipulate settlement terms from any of the participants, as well as from third parties; - all transactions are carried out exclusively in the crypto-currency, which allows to limit the impact of any national or international legislation on the activities of bidders; - bookmakers limit amount of deposits, they are able to "cut" them and not to pay the winnings; - on our trading floor, it is possible to deposit and withdraw any amount; - it is possible to create your own analytics based on the accumulated data of the trading system for the forthcoming event, apply financial, technical, fundamental and mathematical analysis tools to assess the risk of decision making.

Benefits of DCA Fundraising

Entering the bet market with a turnover of 230 bln. USD and obtaining even a small part of it in 0.1% - this means 230 mln. USD turnover per year. The fundraising for DCA will expand financial opportunities for a faster capture of share on this market. At least 50% of all raised funds will be used for marketing. Marketing will be aimed at attracting both gamblers and algorithmic traders. A separate work to attract sports bars, pubs and other entertainment facilities, which are now forbidden to take bets, and to trade tokens on our site is allowed always and everywhere. Also an active marketing company in the e-sports segment will be held. Will be possible sponsorship of young prospective teams with DCA game tokens. Cybersport is a highly technological, with young participants, an actively developing and dynamic market. A large component of marketing will be aimed at increasing the organic traffic of players and direct purchase of installations (traffic).

Installations will be purchased from various sources, including Facebook, Google Adwords, message boards and on specialized resources for betting market traffic. In addition to the traditional forms of marketing, the functionality of the smart contract technology Betcoin allows to create a number of unique additional functions for the trading system platform.

Tokens DCA and bet trading platform

Players using the trading platform can create their own profile. The profile will have a certain social status depending on the activity and amount of bets that the user makes, directions and social interaction on the platform. Players who will reach certain levels by status will receive rewards in DCA tokens. Players who own or have collected a certain number of DCA tokens will be entitled to the following benefits: A) Reduced commissions for trading during the game (Live); B) Trading with the shoulder; C) Margin trading.

Stages of development

The main goal of the platform is to provide people, wishing to bet on events in sports, politics, culture and other events, is to provide them with more opportunities and better service. At the initial stage, we intend to introduce a revolutionary innovation in the practice of the betting market, namely: to give participants the right and ability not only to make bets, but also to accept bets from other participants.

At the next stage it is planned to open the possibility for participants to appoint events bythemselves, for which it is possible to make and accept rates, for a minimum commission. In the case of a positive response from other participants, the initiator of the event will receive a fee from the trading platform in the form of deductions from part of the platform’s commission. We believe that this will be in demand among the participants willing to create their own local tournaments

Tournaments with payment of coins DCA

With the help of tournaments on our trading floor, we strive to repeat the success of BigPoint on the gaming Web / PC market. At the peak, BigPoint attracted hundreds of thousands of new users to its online gaming platform, thanks to the tournaments and free cash pools played in the tournaments. The doBETacceptBET trading platform will conduct both centralized and decentralized gaming tournaments.

Decentralized Tournaments

Decentralized tournaments on the platform will be created and managed by platform users who have DCA tokens. DCA will be the only tokens in our decentralized tournament ecosystem. The doBETacceptBET trading platform will also allow players to create new events on the platform. These tournaments will be under the full control of players with observers who will follow the tournaments. DoBETacceptBET trading platform for these tournaments will not need its own independent environment Application. Instead, they will work within the doBETacceptBET trading platform.

Centralized tournaments

Centralized game tournaments will be conducted on a platform under the guidance of the event's customers to promote their services. It will be sponsored tournaments with a player's reward for participating in a particular event. Players who have reached a certain status of their profile by the number of DCA tokens they have earned or purchased will have special advantages in some or all tournaments.

Decentralized market of rates

DCA will be the main tokens for the decentralized betting market within the doBETacceptBET trading platform. This platform will allow players to trade among themselves with margin options with fixed yield using DCA tokens. These transactions will occur on blockchain technology Etherium.

Formation of profit on the trading platform

Formation of profit Our company is not a bookmaker. The basic income will be based on the reward from the profit that the player will receive. The more the player got, the more he paid to the organizers. The information on the remuneration will be changed and announced publicly. On average, in the gaming industry, marketing costs for the acquisition of 1 player is $ 1.5. The revenue of the trading platform from one player per month will be about $ 2. Major markets are Asia and the Middle East, North America and Western Europe. According to the above example, we took them as benchmarks and expect that for every $ 1.5 spent on marketing the platform, we will receive more than two dollars of monthly income. In addition, according to the average indicators for the gaming industries, for each player received in the trading platform, he brings with him two referrals. We prefer to make forecasts for 1 player - 1 referral. Thus, for every $ 1.50 spent, we expect to receive a monthly income of four dollars. If we lay 10% of outgoing users in a month, then the total annual revenue from the platform will be $ 28.65 per user. We set a goal to reach profit by the beginning of 2019.

Withdrawing a part of DCA tokens from the market due to the received profit

Burning part of DCAs from the market due to the profit A certain part of the received profit from the trading platform will be used by us to buy out and withdraw some of the DCAs from the market. After the fundraising is completed, at least 50% of the collected funds will be transferred to the marketing fund. The distribution of these resources and the profit that they will generate will be audited and the results will be available to all DCA holders. Part of our profits will be spent on marketing and buying a portion of DCAs.

Issue of DCA tokens

DCA release of coin tokens Product Name: DCA Ticker: DCA Initial emission: 200,000,000 Price: 1 DCA is equal to 0,01 USD Platform: Ethereum standard ERC 20 We chose the Ethereum platform for the reason that we want our token to be as transparent as possible, working on a smart contract and maximally protected. We are working on placing tokens on exchanges trading tokens Ethereum standard ERC 20 and on exchanges of a wider spectrum. A fund of 200 million DCA tokens will be created. For stakeholders, discounts may be available even before fundraising begins. For information please contact: [email protected] DCA tokens can be purchased for BTC, ETH, WAVES. All collected funds will be received and stored on purses with multi-signatures.

Distribution of DCA tokens

140,000,000 DCA tokens - ICO 40,000,000 tokens (20% of the total ICO) will be distributed during the ICO preparation stage among those who wish to promote the project on the market by developing a campaign in the press and the Internet community. 20,000,000 tokens remain at the disposal of the doBetacceptBet fund to fill the liquidity of the trading platform, as well as to formulate a marketing budget for fundraising, partner programs for the trading platform, increase in staff and further development over the next 5 years. These tokens will be stored on a purse with multi-signatures.


For the ICO 140,000,000 DCA tokens are reserved. ICO starts from 08:00:00 UTC 15/01/2018. and ends on 08:00:00 on 01/07/2018. During the ICO period, buyers of tokens receive a discount according to the following scheme: from 08:00:00 UTC 22/01/2018 till 08:00:00 UTC 01.07.2018 price 0.000027ETH; For investors for more than 10% of the total ICO, we offer an additional 25% discount, which will result in 25% more tokens for the same amount of investment.

Distribution of Funds

All collected funds will be mastered by the doBETacceptBET Foundation. At least 50% will be spent on marketing. 20% - for the development of a decentralized trading platform, decentralized gaming matches between players and decentralized tournaments. Up to 30% is reserved for legal expenses, payment processing costs, as well as development costs of the trading platform and other marketing expenses.

Current development and roadmap

Current development and roadmap October 2017 the beginning of the development of the trading platform with the circulation of the internal crypto currency; January 2018 Issue of ERC 20 DCA token January 2018 - March 2018: ICO doBETacceptBET; February 2018 - launch of a marketing campaign; August 2018 - September 2018: public launch of the trading platform with the circulation of the domestic currency DCA; September 2018 - the first centralized tournaments on the platform; Q4 2018: Completion of testing of the trading platform, including integration of the DCA token into player profiles, statuses and awards; Q1 2019: Completion of testing of a decentralized trading platform; Q2 2019: Completion of the integration of decentralized game matches and tournaments.

Fundraising Scheme

Fundraising Scheme The fundraising is planned to be held within two months. The starting date of the collection is from 08:00:00 UTC 01/22/2018 and ends on 08:00:00 on 03/15/2018.

Technical aspects of the issue

Issue of DCA tokens on Ethereum ERC 20 block. Web interface, closed wallets and smart contracts on the blockbuster Ethereum.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications Tokens have a total fixed supply volume of 200 million, created in full on the Etherium blockbuster. Tokens purchased for standard currencies BTC, ETH and WAVES will be released on the blockbuster Ethereum standard ERC 20, with a closed balance on the purse Ethereum. Regardless of anything, the total number of available DCA tokens will be 200 million.


BET's WAVES BET's released on WAVES will be exchanged for DCA ETH standard ERC 20 in a ratio of 1: 1.

Synergy of the crypto-currencies, the bet market and the financial world

Synergy of the Crypto-currency, the market of rates and the financial world DCA tokens will be built on the basis of synergy of talents from different areas of the crypto-world, the market of rates and experience from the world of Finance. Our main business model is to become the first crypto project that will successfully overcome the gap and unite crypto technologies, the world of rates and the financial world, creating a truely massive, unique intellectual product. DCA token will help finance marketing, which will significantly increase the utility and value of the doBETacceptBET trading platform. In addition, we hope to take advantage of Ethereum to further create and improve the quality of our services.

Our team

A team of professional traders, managers in financial markets. Sometimes we are bulls, sometimes bears, but we always trade! Having many years of experience in successful portfolio management and investing in the derivatives market, We analyze tools daily, which are inherently nonlinear and weakly predictable. Building the strategies is our job. The world of finance and the world of Bets are one and the same. In the bet market, we are particularly interested in introducing a new - nonlinear, margined instrument with limited profitability. Unlike not typical options that are traded on financial markets, nor on, especially, binary options. It would be right to call it - a fixed-rate option with a fixed yield. This is a new tool, a new market. They can trade, apply various strategies that we apply in the financial market (speculation, arbitrage, hedging, etc.) It can be analyzed using indicators of volatility and deltahedging. We are sure that this is a new kind of financial activity. The introduction of such an instrument can also greatly affect the bet market - as the introduction of the Black-Scholes formula for the options market. Naturally, in our world, it's impossible to change such Bookmaker systems that have developed over the decades. But with the advent of blockchain technology and the ability to write tokens with their own rules, everything has changed. We can offer players an improved analogue of the existing reality. Introducing elements of decentralization and withdrawal of players from under the central administration. Close the interests of the players against each other. ​ Writing code platform is trusted programmers from Yekaterinburg. They are experienced guys, they took part in writing of many trading platforms for the financial markets. In PR company are involved guys from Sochi. It is known that Sochi is the most creative city! And we are proud of this team!

Technical aspects of the payment system

Technological achievements within the payment system doBETacceptBET trading platform will use the customized centralized payment system created by our developers. This system will offer DCA as an option for paying for purchases and selling options. Players will be able to purchase DCA directly at the payment terminal for Bitcoin, using credit cards and other local payment methods without leaving the trading platform. Our payment terminal will be built for security, versatility and ease of use. Our goal is to handle massive data (Big Data) at high speeds. For this purpose we will create an analytical cluster that allows to analyze previous events. This is very important for participants of the trading platform, as on the basis on the analysis of previous data it is possible to create future forecasts. Nowhere and never before the player could not "glance" into the past on the games of his team, so that, by comparing the data, make the correct forecast. The accumulated data array will allow to display the graphs of the coefficient change (Ratio) on the platform screen, which will allow using both fundamental and technical analysis for decision making. The participant can easily change the users’ settings.

Terms and Conditions

This document is for information use only and is not an offer or an invitation to sell shares or securities on the doBETacceptBET trading platform or on any other related or associated company. Tokens of DCA do not provide the right of control. Owning DCA tokens does not give its holder the right of ownership or the property right on the doBETacceptBET trading platform or any other related company. While the community's opinion and feedback can be taken into account, DCA's tokens do not give any right to participate in decision making or any direction of business development related to the doBETacceptBET trading platform. Tokens can be used to obtain a certain profile status on the platform, which will allow participating in certain tournaments or get discounts, or rewards on the platform. DCA tokens can be used for trading within the trading platform and in decentralized tournaments and matches between players. Absence of guarantees of income or profit. All examples of the calculation of income and profits used in this paper were provided only for demonstration purposes or for demonstrating the industry's averages and do not constitute a guarantee that these results will be achieved in accordance with the marketing plan.

Risks associated with Ethereum

DCA tokens will be released on the Ethereum platform of the ERC 20 standard. In this regard, any malfunction or malfunctioning of the Ethereum protocol may lead to the fact that the DCA token trading network will operate in an unforeseen manner.

Regulatory uncertainty

Technologies related to blockchain in some countries are subject to supervision and control by various regulatory bodies. DCA tokens can be the subject of one or more requests from the regulatory authorities of individual countries, with the subsequent introduction of restrictions on the use or possession of digital tokens. DCA tokens are not an investment. DCA tokens are not some kind of official or legally binding investment. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the objectives set forth in this document may be amended. Despite the fact that we intend to reach all the points described in this document, all persons and parties involved in the purchase of DCA tokens do so at their own risk.

Insufficient implementation

Despite of the fact that DCA tokens should not be considered as an investment, they can acquire value over time. Their value can also fall if the doBETacceptBET trading platform will suffer with shortage of usage and application.

Risk of loss of funds

Funds received in the process of fundraising are not insured. In case of loss or fall of value, there is no private or public insurance representative, to which the buyer can apply.

Risk of Failure

It is possible that, for various reasons, including as a result of the limitation, insolvency of business arrangements or marketing strategies, the doBETacceptBET trading platform and all subsequent marketing actions regarding the funds raised in this crowdfunding (fundraising) may not succeed.

The risk of using new technologies

Crypto-tokens like DCA are a fairly new and relatively untested technology. In addition to the risks mentioned in this document, there are additional risks that the doBETacceptBET trading platform team can not foresee. These risks can materialize in other forms of risk than those indicated here.


This document defines all the terms of the relationship between the parties in relation to the subject matter of the arrangement. All previous agreements, discussions, presentations, warranties, and conditions are combined in this document. There are no warranties, representations, conditions or agreements, expressed or implied, between the parties, except as expressly provided herein. Changes in this document are only possible in writing, duly executed.